We made it through the first week!

I can't believe they are a week old already. It's been a busy blur. Last night, I managed to get all the nails clipped minus one paw on the orange boy. Not to shabby : ) Today was a fun day. Friends Carol, ML, Lee-Anne & Shannon stopped by with yummy food & coffee...thank you ladies! Sparta did wonderful with all the comotion. The pups were given fresh new collars & plenty of gentle touches.

I also made a mad dash to the repro. vet for a collection of Gane. We are doing a very exciting breeding with Tji-Wara kennels. Now the anxious anticipation for the results of Aja's breeding. Thank you Carol for babysitting the puppies while I was gone.

Sparta made me laugh last night. While changing the bedding, I put the pups in the warming box. Once I moved the pups back to the whelping box, Sparta though she would enjoy the warming box as well. Pictures attached

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