About Us

Let me take a minute to introduce myself and my "pride". My name is Cammay, and my best boy is Kellan, age 17. We are proud owners of Gane, Sparta, Selous, Rayne and Pez. I have always been a dog lover and after losing my Great Dane after 8 years, I really needed another dog. We came across the Rhodesian Ridgeback and it was love at first sight! We believe that solid temperaments, the best of health, and the adherence to the breed standard is so very important. That is what we strive for in breeding.
I am very excited to have found the fun hobby of showing my dogs. It is a great sport and I love doing it! We also enjoy some exciting adventures in Lure Coursing. In addition, I served on the board of the Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Club for 8 years and am currently on the board of the Rocky Mountain Hound Association. We promote the fun and education of our beloved hounds.