Selous - GRCH Regiment's Crossing the Rubicon

Let me take a moment to introduce my keeper & new beautiful puppy, Selous! She is the dark pink collar pup. Proudly out of Sparta, sired by Gane. She is an amazing puppy. Very mellow & laid back like her dad. A beautiful face, one to make you melt. She has the front, fill and shoulder lay back that is beyond ideal. So far, she is an excellent mix of her parents and pedigrees. Can't wait to see her radiate in the show ring! I am very proud to have such a magnificent puppy to keep from my very first litter bred. 

 Selous is named after the regiment of Selous Scouts. Here is some history. 

The Selous Scouts was the name given to a special forces regiment of the Rhodesian Army, which operated from 1973 until the introduction of majority rule in 1980. It was named after British explorer Frederick Courteney Selous (1851–1917), and their motto was pamwe chete, which, in the Shona, roughly means "all together", "together only" or "forward together". The charter of the Selous Scouts directed them to "the clandestine elimination of terrorists/terrorism both within and without the country."

SELOUS SCOUTS, once the most feared counter-insurgency force on the African continent.

During the course of the war the Selous Scout were officially credited with either directly or indirectly being responsible for 68% of all terrorist killed, while losing less than 40 scouts in the process.