We are becoming big puppies!

These puppies are just growing in leaps & bounds! They all have teeth that are coming in, ouch for momma. They are starting to play with each other. Growling, little barks, chewing on ears & of course walking. They can now pee without the help of Sparta & we have LOTS of that. The stools are getting better today & that is a huge relief for me. They still hate their medicine, even though I tried mixing it with yogurt. They can't be fooled   They also respond to voices. I talked to them tonight & they make eye contact along with licking fingers. Such pure joy these sweeties are.

Sparta is spending less time in the box, but if she hears a cry, she is there in a second! Can't say I blame her for wanting out & I try to keep their bedding clean so she is more comfy & not laying in wet blankets. To add to the fun, sweet Sparta has a raging ear infection. Back we go in the morning to the vets. I was just at there yesterday for the pups diarrhea. Guess it will replace my daily Starbucks but they are just as costly 


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