Vet visit

All went well. Little Uhuru didn't make a peep the entire time! Sparta checked on her baby constantly while we were there. The swollen area is much better today anyway & my vet Dr.Wingert (the best by the way) said it is just fluid & should all be gone soon. He also removed her stiches, not a sound did she make....  He also took out Sparta's staples which was not easy. Several of them had moved around & really dug themselves in. He said he prefers stiches to staples for that reason. It takes longer during the surgery but it is well worth the effort. Good to know for next time around! As a bonus, he didn't charge me for this visit. Such a great guy! 

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  • Angel Walter

    Angel Walter

    alot happens in 24 hours. :)

    alot happens in 24 hours. smile

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