I hate them. I know they are smaller than me but they freak me out. The reason I mention this is because a HUGE (did I say HUGE) red one was in the whelping box!   Of course this was at around 4:30am & I couldn't wake up my husband or son to save me. I couldn't let him attack my babies, so I did what I could & nailed him with a fly swatter AND drenched him with cleaner that I had in the room. I couldn't bring myself to grab him with a paper towel to throw him away though. Yuck. 

The puppies are moving around much better. Their little back legs are trying hard to catch up with those front legs. I heard one of them actually bark! It was the cutest thing ever   I did more toenail trims, which now they act like it hurts but I have yet to hit the quick. They also got their first dose of a wormer. Carol, future owner of the orange boy helped hold each puppy (thank you Carol). They did great & it didn't seem to bother them when I squirted it in their mouth.  

Ahura's swelling is pretty much gone now...yay! 

I have also ordered new collars for all the puppies. That ric rac just doesn't stay on & the velcro ones I made aren't much better. Once I get them, I will let you know which color goes to whom.   

Last, Sparta is still being a picky eater! I think she is the cause of most of my gray hairs 

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