Dew claw day

Rough day. Poor Sparta watching as her babies were taken away, one at a time was so sad. She just shook & shook. They took green girl first for her dermoid removal. She was put under & did very well. I got to see the dermoid & meant to take a picture but didn't think of it in time. It was succesfully all removed & hopefully she will heal fast as can be! All the pups have a stitch in each foot where the dew claw was removed. They don't seem to be bothered.  A lucky factor of doing them so young.

Sparta is not in the mood to eat, so that's a stressor. She has agreed to eat cottage cheese, sting cheese(with her pain pills inside) ice cream & drink goats milk w/pedilyte. I hope her appetite comes back soon. Gotta keep her milk flowing for the puppies.


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