It was much harder than I imagined & I imagined it to be hard! Letting go of these puppies was like letting go of a child, a piece of me. You know they need to grow & will do so well with their new familes with new adventures, but oh my heart.  Thank goodness for the continuous updates...thank you to my families for those! Click for pictures & here

Here is a list of the names of the new pups...

Kadin (blue collar) - Regiment's Spell Worked Like A Charm - Show boy
Cinder (peach collar) - Regiment's Light Em' Up - Show girl
Uhuru (yellow) - Regiment's Bless Her Heart - Wonderful girl
Swayo (green collar) - Regiement's Wandering Warrior - Show boy
Kitte (socks, teal collar) - Regiment's Perfect Fit - Service girl 
Selous (my girl & dark pink collar) - Regiment's Crossing the Rubicon - Show girl
Rainbow collar)- 
Akena (red girl) - Show girl
Arena (light pink collar) - Regiment's Island Knockout - Show girl
Bronco (black boy) - Not in yet -
Awesome boy

To be continued! 

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