Another day at the vet

Poor Sparta started showing all signs of a uti, urinary tract infection last night. She had the frequency, urgency & pain. We spent a very sleepless night together. I took a culture, along with Sparta in this morning & sure enough, it's anti-biotic time. They had to make sure to give her a medication that does not effect the puppies through her milk. Fingers crossed this helps her feel better asap as uti's hurt! The pups also got another medication for the mushy stools. Let's hope this one tasts better for them. Speaking of which, it is messy. When I came home from the vets today, a few had fell asleep in the not so friendly pile. I took these little ones & held them under the water faucet while washing them with the Dawn dish soap. They sat so still & didn't make a peep! I was very proud of these babes for getting their first bath without a fuss   

Sparta did start eating Innova puppy food mixed with Honest Kitchen...yay! Maybe I can feed her a normal diet. I'm knocking on wood here.  

They continue to grow in leaps & bounds.  All have lots of pokey teeth & are not happy to have their nails clipped. They do love to come as fast as they can when we come near the box. Such cuties! They love to lick you on the face, hands & toes. 

On a very sad note, our dear friend Lee-Anne & her family lost their little tiny pup named Batman today. He must of been needed for his angel wings sooner than expected.  God speed little one

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