Almost 6 weeks already!

Wow, I can't believe how times flies! These puppies are still the most amazing little creatures & I continue to be awe struck by them every moment. They are true puppies now from playing with their toys to attacking any human body part! They drink their water like pros as well.

Sparta has decided that she doesn't need ten puppies hanging on her so she corrects them & doesn't let them nurse but a second. I am going to cut her food back & get her back eating her Fromms & Honest Kitchen. No more puppy food for her but the puppies sure love the food. Right now, they are eating 12 cups a day, split between 3 meals. I will increase that by a little each day, along with making it harder each meal so they are used to hard kibble come 8 weeks. I also need to break out my other feeding dish as one isn't big enough. The thought of splitting them into two groups sounds hard but it's gotta be done!

Our outside trips have been getting ruined by the rain   Three times now we have taken all ten out to the outside pen, only to have the rain start, which means rushing them back inside. Guess we are getting our exercise though. Maybe this weekend will be kind to us!  

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