Full moon or the 6 week mark...

Turned my sweet puppies into little monsters! They were crazy today  The black boy is a natural escape artist. He is getting out of the pen numerous times a day now. My gentle light pink girl bit my foot this morning & drew blood. I didn't think she'd be the first one to do that! Carol(Kadin's owner) & I tried taking some pictures this afternoon...lost  cause. They turned into major wiggle worms. I'll see if we got any good ones tonight when I get home IF they have turned back into my angels  They also are major pooping machines. I'm still shocked how much & often they poop.Yuck.

I also took several of them, one at a time to another room last night to see how they would react. They were a little timid at first but once they got to exploring, they had a blast. Peach girl loved going under the chairs, dark pink girl chewed on a bone & black boy did his thing which was explore all over the place. Gane stayed in the room with us but would bolt the minute one would brush against him. Bratty dad! 

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  • MaryAnne
    That is when they become Gremlins.

    That is when they become Gremlins.

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