Regiment Ridgebacks Puppy Questionaire

We thank you for taking interest in our dogs. We choose and screen potential owners of our dogs very carefully. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are so appealing because of their majestic appearance, however, like all pure bred dogs, they have traits that are not compatible with every owner. Their size, strength, and naturally protective nature is not for everyone.

At Regiment Ridgebacks, we like to sell our puppies to people we have met and have met our dogs. We do require a home check of the potential puppy owner to make sure the home is clean, safe, and suitable for one of our puppies. Please understand that we want to make sure that our puppy is right for you, your family and lifestyle. We take the utmost care that is needed to ensure this dog has a forever, loving home.  

Filling out this questionaire helps us to know that you have thought about the long term care of a dog and the joys(and trials) of raising a Ridgeback puppy.

It is very hard to give a set price for my puppies, as they are priceless but please know we work very hard to produce the very best puppies we can. Parents are Akc champions or  have competeted in AKC conformation and are 
fully health tested. That includes hips, elbows, cardiac, eyes(CERF), thyroid, degenerative myelopathy and EOAD(Deafness).  

We do not have litters often. Only once every year or two. Having puppies takes a lot of planning, dedication, time, and money. We do not have puppies available all the time and have no desire to. We breed to only improve the breed, meaning correct show dogs and loving family members.
The cost of a puppy will vary. Depending on the costs for the breeding, whelping and puppy quality(show, performance, vs pet companion) reflects how much your puppy will cost. Puppy prices start at $3000-3500 and will depend on defining faults of each individual puppy. You can expect a pet puppy with several faults to be a bit less while a pet puppy with no faults or show quality will be more.

All of our puppies are sold as house pets first and foremost--not kennel, yard, or farm dogs...Our puppies are meant to become part of your heart and family. 

The completion of this in no way guarantees you will be approved for a Regiment Ridgeback puppy. This is meant as the beginning of a dialogue between us. Once filled out and received by us, we will contact you. We thank you and appreciate your time and interest in our sweet puppies.

 Thank you again for filling this out for us. Please understand this process is for the protection of the puppy. You will hopefully have this dog for the next 10-14 years! We want every one of those years to be happy and filled with amazing memories that warm your heart.
You are also getting us as breeders and we will do our best to maintain a wonderful friendship with you throughout the years. Keeping contact is very important to us. We are looking forward to speaking with and meeting you