GANE -   Akc/Int'l/Ukc Ch.Crestridge Everything to Gain JC CGC 


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*Hips - Good 
*Elbows - normal  
*Thyroid(Dr.Dodds)- normal  (as of 1-09-12) 
*CERF(eyes) - normal (as of 2/03/13)
*Congential Cardiac - Echo - normal 
*Brucellosis - negative 
*DNA(Degenerative Myelopathy) - Clear (homozygous N/N)
*DNA Verified 

Gane's Pedigree        


Sire  "Cam" CH.Illimani Kickstartmyheart F.M. JC, ROM 

Dam "Logan" Ch. Crestridge Paint the Town

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