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3/2-3/18 - New champion Lloyd finishes with 2 majors, under judges Rene Echevarria-Confino and Frederick Vogel ! Also, Fawkes gets Reserve to a 4pt major and wins the puppy hound group!  

3/5 - Lloyd wins a 5 point major under judge Claudia Miller! He also won the Bred-By hound group and an owner handler group 4! 

1/5/17- Lloyd is Reserve WD at the huge Palm Springs, CA show under judge Chris Abraham! He was shown beautifully by Annika Dechert. 

9/25 - Lloyd earns gets his first win, WD/BOW/BBY G3 under judge Gary Andersen! 

9/11 - NEW CHAMPION RAYNE!!! Finishes under Betty-Anne Stenmark :-)

8/18 & 8/21 - Lloyd win Best In Sweeps at the Rocky Mnt. Hound show, then does it again under Claudia Miller and goes on to a Reserve Major! First weekend out! So proud! 

6/4/16 - Rayne shines and wins her 3rd major under judge Linda Clark! Linda had fabulous things to say about Rayne!

5/10/16 - Rayne earns another point in AKC lure coursing! 

4/2/16 - Rayne has another nice win, WB/BOS under judge Terry Stacy in Nebraska! 

2/13/16 - Rayne has a stellar day! She wins a 4 pt major at the CRRC supported show under judge Amy Sorbee! She goes BOW and Best Bred By. She's not done. She also wins the Bred By Group!! The Plum Creek show is huge, so what special wins :-) 

2/7/16 - Rayne wins Best in Match and her nephew, Lloyd wins the Puppy Group!

06/12/15 - Rayne is a lure coursing nut! I'm so excited! She QC'd with flying colors and even earned her first AKC point in her first trial!  

05/24/15 - Rayne wins another 2 points under judge Joe Tacker in Laramie Wyoming! 

02/16/15 -
 Rayne gets the major at the Denver show! She was Winners bitch and Best of Winners from the bred-by class. So proud of her!

02/5/15- Breeding plans are in the works for Cinder and Rugby! We are hoping for a summer litter :-) 

05-10-13- Sparta has been bred! Prayers & fingers crossed she is carrying lots of sweet puppies!

12-09-12 - Gane gets his 7th champion get! NEW CHAMPION DION CH.Tji-Wara's Goal Tender! So excited about this boy! 

11-10-12 - Jenna(Gane x Pink) earns her UKC championship, along with Group placements! She also won some AKC shows & has 3 points! 

11-10-12 - Kadin earns another title, Beginner Novice in obedience! Way to go Carol & Kadin!

10-12-12 - Selous gets 2 more majors towards her Grand Championship! First under Kitte Stiedel & BOS under Pamela Peat in NM! She is a new GRAND CHAMPION! 

09-01-12- Cinder is a new Champion!! She finishes under Helen Lee James in Cheyene,WY & handled beautifully by Annika Dechert! Cinder is my third champion from the Gane x Sparta litter :-)

08-18-12 - News for the first Regional held in CO for my dogs. Gane boy wins 1st place stud dog under judge Willam Sahloff! Selous makes two cuts in the huge breed class as well. She showed beautifully & there was some serious competition!! Sparta got 3rd place in Brood bitch & Cinder got 3rd in Open. It was a great day! 

06-10-12 - Huge day for my dogs at the supported show in Colorado Springs! With an entry of 42 & under judge Carol Makowski, Kadin won the 5 point major/BOW & is now CHAMPION REGIMENT'S SPELL WORKED LIKE A CHARM(his 4th major) & Cinder was WB for a 4 pt. major, leaving her needing only 1 pt. to finish(her 3rd major) & Selous was given an Award of Merit!! What a wonderful day! Kadin was shown beautifully by Steffie Cheng & Cinder by Mary Lynne Elliott!    

06-03-12 - Kadin is WD under Judge Dougherty for 2 pts. & Sweet Cinder is Reserve!

06-02-12 - Selous wins Select bitch(major) under Judge William Shelton. He had wonderful things to say about Selous! Kadin gets Reserve. 

05-28-12 - Kadin wins his 3rd major & BOW today in Laramie, WYO!! Shown so well by Annika Dechert :-) Selous is Select bitch(major) 

04-21-12 - Selous is WB & BOS under judge Terry Stacy in Nebraska....this makes her a NEW CHAMPION!! Finished all from the bred-by class & is my first homebred champion! Awesome! Selous also goes BOS on Sunday under Eugene Blake!

04-15-12 - Kadin wins his 2nd major & Cinder is Reserve! Again, shown by Annika at the TerryAll show!

04-14-12 - Cinder - Regiment's Light 'Em Up wins her 2nd major under Judge Kitty Stiedel & Selous goes Reserve! Kadin wins the open class. My Regiment gang did a wonderful job at the Terry-All shows & shown beautifully by the talented Annika Dechert!! 

02-19 & 20-12 - Kadin - Regiment's Spell Worked Like A Charm wins a major under judge Lou Guerrero! Also, Mojo - Gane x Pink wins a 4 pt. major!    

11-12-11 - Selous wins a 4 pt. major!! She was WB/BOW under judge Joy Brewster. Her sister Cinder was Reserve. Selous needs just 1 more point to become a champion! Go Selous & Cinder~

10-22-11- My beautiful Selous wins Breed over three Specials under judge Eugene Blake! She also won the bred-by class. She then goes on to win BEST IN SHOW for the bred-by group under judge Judi Bendt!! What a wonderful win!! Cinder also won the point on Friday & Dion, Tji-Wara's Goal Tender wins BOW both days in Nebraska for another 4 points. Awesome job puppies! 

09-11/13-11 Cinder - Regiment's Light 'Em Up places 2nd in her class at the National Specialty in South Dakota! Shown wonderfully by ML Elliott. She also made the cut in Sweeps with Mike Teeling doing a fabulous job of handling her! Selous - Regiment's Crossing The Rubicon makes two cuts in Sweeps & is one of the 7 finalists for the Best Ridge under Mike Patterson! 72 in the total entry for the ridge! Lots of competition in both areas!! The girls each brought home beautiful ribbons! 
09-03-11 - Selous goes WB/BOW under judge Keke Kahn! She said Selous was an extremely lovely girl

08-18/20-11 - Cinder - Regiment's Light 'Em Up - wins big in Greeley. She wins the 5 point major.....beating 27 females under Judge Priscilla Gabosch!! Shown wonderfully by Mary Lynne Elliott. She also wins Best Opposite in Sweeps under breeder judge Lin Hainlen of Copper Ridge Kennels which had an entry of 25. Selous - Regiment's Crossing The Rubicon - wins the bred-by class & goes Reserve to the 5 pt. mj. under Judge Pamela Peat. Peat said it was a very close call between she & the winner. Dion(Gane x Pink) - Tji-Wara's Goal Tender - wins Best Opposite in Sweeps under Judge John Cramer, entry of 25. Kaden - Regiment's Spell Worked Like  A Charm - Kaden placed 3 out of the 4 days in a large open class. Last but not least, Gane wins his Veterans class! He took off like a rocket but it was fun showing my old man!  

07-03-11 - Selous wins big today! She wins her first major(WB/BOW) AND the bred-by class AND goes on to win the Group!! There was nice competition in all the classes. What a thrilling day for my girl & I!! A huge thank you to judge Dr.Carolyn Hensley for both these amazing wins!

06-11-11 - Cinder - Regiment's Light 'Em Up wins Best Puppy in Sweeps at the sponsored show in Colorado Springs! The breeder judge was Mary Sorosky of Firedance kennel. This was Cinders very first time in the ring....woohoo! Cinder also won Best Puppy in Match that was held by CRRC on 6-3-11! There was a great turn out of 15 puppies. Go Cinder!   

06-05-11 - Selous goes WB under judge Bonnie Threlfall for another 2 pts! We were 1 bitch shy of the major but Selous worked her butt off in the hot heat at the Longmont show! Stay tuned for her win picture. Selous also took Reserve(to a major) the day before!   

05-06-11 - Selous wins her first points under judge Patricia Trotter in Utah. She was WB/BOW/BOS! She moved like a dream. These are the first points on my own bred puppy...I'm just thrilled! Pat Trotter said she is a very promising puppy with a ridge that can't be denied. I couldn't agree more

02-19-11 - Selous has her first show in Denver. A 4 day show & she did great! She got Reserve(to a major) and won her class 3 out of 4 days. She had fun too, which is what counts!

05-13-10 - Sparta is pregnant! Stay tuned for puppy pictures...

04-1-10 - Sparta is in season! Breeding time right around the corner : )

11-08-09 - Sparta goes Best Opposite under Mrs.Paula Nykiel in the Pueblo dog show. Sparta & Mary Lynne looked beautiful!

09-26-09 - Gane has a fun lure coursing day! He won his veterans class both times & earned a few AKC points. Yay Gane!

06-06-09 - Sparta is a new champion!!! She finished with style, going Winners Bitch & Best of Winners for a 4 point major at a RRCUS supported show!!!! Thank  you for the awesome handling Mary Lynne & thank you to judge Skip Herendeen for putting up Sparta. He had nothing but nice words to say about miss Sparta Mae : ) Woohoo!!

05-30-09 - Sparta takes Winners Bitch & Best Opposite today for another 2 points! Thank you Mary Lynn Elliott for the beautiful handling of Miss Sparta and thank you judge Mrs.Julie Holm for the win : ) 13 points to date. Sparta also passes her CERF eye exam with flying colors. 

05-02-09 -
Sparta won Best Adult in the B match held today by CRRC!! Yay Sparta : )) Thank you Dr.Laurie Stargell for the win and judging that day!

04-11-09 - Sparta wins her 3rd major!! She was Best of Winners & Best Opposite : ) Thank you to Mary Lynne Elliott and Susan Ralston for showing Sparta and thank you to judge Miss.Ann Schwartz!   

03/21 & 03/22/09 -
Gane enters his first LGRA trial...does pretty good! Sat. he gets 4th place out of 14 rr's & Sunday he ties with two other rr's for 3rd place....woohoo!!

02-14-09 -
Sparta wins another major today at the huge Denver show! Thank you Mary Lynne Elliott for showing her to victory : )) Thank you Judge Steven Gladstone.

11-22-08 - Gane earns 18 more points towards his ASFA title! Gane sure loves to run!  

09-22-08 - Sparta wins 4th place in Sweepstakes at the National Specialty in Gettysburg,PA for her age group...thank you Mary Lynne Elliott for the nice job out there in the ring!!

08-30-08 - Sparta wins Best Puppy & Group 3 in Cheyenne,WYO. Great job little Sparta!

08-16-08 -  Sparta wins a 5 point major at our RRCUS supported show in Greeley!! There was an entry of 61 ridgebacks. Sparta won winners bitch & best of winners!!! This is truely an amazing win for any dog. She just turned 11 months old. Thank you to Sue for showing her on this great day! Thank you Mrs. Nykiel for honoring such a correct puppy    

7-26-08 - 
Sparta Mae wins Breed today at a UKC held match. It was hot, hot but she was a trooper : )   

06-07-08 -
Sparta does it again.....she won BEST PUPPY IN SWEEPSTAKES at the RRCUS Supported show in Colorado Springs!!! Thank you judge Mrs.Cindy Scott. She was shown beautifully by Mary Lynne Elliott. What a wonderful accomplishment for a 8 month old puppy!!! She also won the large puppy class on Sunday : ))) 

05-17-08 - 
Sparta girl won breed today at the Rocky Mountain Hound "A"match!!! I'm so thrilled that she strutted her stuff AND had fun too! 

05-13-08 - 
Int'l Ch.Kkr Aiko (Gane x Mink) earns her International championship title this weekend. Great job Meghan & Aiko! 

04-13-08 - New champion.....Am/Int'l Ch.Kkr Do the Watusi Too CGC(Gane x Mink)!!! Watusi goes out with a bang by also taking a Group 3. Woohoo!! A HUGE congrats to Lori and Watusi!

02 -01-08 - Kkr Aiko (Gane x Mink) wins WB/OS at the St.Joseph,MO show! Way to go!! 

01-26/27-08 - Kkr Stealin' Your Attention aka Josie(GanexMink) takes the points both days in Ocala, FL.!! Great job Kim!! 

11-10-07 - Introducing our new girl Sparta....check out her page! 

10-21-07 -  Watusi (Gane x Mink) captures her second major in Rapid City, SD today!!!! Awesome! 

10-07-07 - The boys, Gane and Zero both earned their Canine Good Citizens(CGC) today!!! Zero also decided to follow in his dad's footsteps and gave Lure Coursing a try....he LOVED it! Like father, like son : ) 

-The beautiful Watusi, Int'l Ch.Kkr Do the Watusi Too, CGC (Gane x Mink) takes the major today in Hutchinson,MN!!!! Amazing job Lori 

09-29-07 - Gane is now a UKC(United Kennel club) champion. He finished today and also got a Group 2!! 

08-30/31 & 09-1/2-07-  Kkr Aiko(Gane x Mink) goes BOW on Thursday, BOB on Friday(over Specials), BOW on Saturday and BOB(over Specials) on Sunday in Cedar Rapids, IA!!! Wonderful job Meghan & Aiko! 

08-11/12-07 Int'l Ch.Kkr Shakarris A Saint She Aint' (GanexMink) Won BOS and BOB this weekend in Albert Lea, MN....Great job!!!! 

07-20/22-07 Gane had a great weekend adventure. He attended his first UKC(United Kennel Club) dog show and did wonderful! He obtained the 3 needed wins and 95 points towards this new title. He now just needs 5 points and he will have another title in front of his name. He also was awarded a Group 1 and Group to follow. What a good boy! 

07-22-07 Kkr Aiko wins WB/BOW at a show in Omaha,NE....CONGRATULATIONS to the pretty livernose girl!!! She is now the 6th one pointed from the Gane/Mink litter : ) 

07-07-07 Am/Int'l Ch.Kkr Foxtrot Fenisse earns two new certificates on her first try! She earned her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog . What an achievement to be proud of! 

06-23/24-07 Int'l Ch.Kkr Do the Watusi Too(Gane x Mink) does it again! She wins BOS on Friday and BOW on Saturday at the Cambridge, MN show!!!! 

06-10/11-07 Announcing two new International Champions....Kkr Stealin' Your Attention aka Josie(Gane x Mink) and Kkr Shakarris A Saint She Aint' aka Paris(Gane x Mink) Great job!! 

05-27-07 Int'l Ch.Kkr Do the Watusi Too aka Watusi(Gane x Mink) goes WB/BOB at St.Peter MN!!!! Great job Lori & Watusi - 

04-28/29-07 Announcing Gane's new title.....he earned his JC this weekend!!! He completed the AKC Field Trials with flying colors 

04-21-07 Int'l Ch.Kkr Do the Watusi Too aka Watusi(Gane x Mink) goes WB/BW for another point!!!! Great job Lori. Watusi also took Reserve on Sunday. 

04-22-07 Kkr Shakarris A Saint She Aint' aka Paris(Gane x Mink) goes WB for another 2 pts. in Florida !! Way to Heather & Paris!    

12-16-06 Kkr Stealin' Your Attention aka Josie went WB/BOS today in Orlando,FL!!! She is now the 5th from the Gane x Mink litter to be pointed!!! 

12-16-06 Kkr A Saint she Ain't aka Paris went WB/BOW today in Orlando,FL!!!! (Gane x Mink) 

11-18-06 Int'l Kkr Do the Watusi Too aka Watusi went WB/OS today in Minnesota!!!! (Gane x Mink) 

10-29-06 NEW CHAMPION......Ch.Kkr Foxtrot Fenisse!!!!!! (Gane x Mink) 

10-28-06 NEW CHAMPION ...CH.Kkr Fenway 4 Yawkey Way!!!!! Gane has now sired 2 champions, what a great start!

As of today, there are 6 dogs of this litter pointed....I am most proud!!!