Kellan has been the best help a mother could ask for. He has cared for these puppies like no other. He even gets in the ex-pen to clean up poop & pee without me asking. Now what 10 year old does that! I gave him $300 for all his help, all hundreds mind you. His eyes lit up & the smile was giant! He kept asking me if I was joking. I told him to go spend it all on anything he wanted. Since he spent his summer break taking care of puppies, he needed something just for him. What a great boy. 

The pics below are from the day before he left for a trip to Washington with my husband. He knew most of the pups would be gone when he got home, so we got pics with each one(except Swayo).  Watching them leave would be very hard for him, so I'm kind of glad he's going to miss that part.

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