Brown nose boy

Zero aka Kkr Regiment Double Ought Buck Shot CGC. Ganes son and he is a striking brown nose. He was born on Sept.1, 2004. A beautiful light red wheaten, with brown nose and golden eyes to match the coat. 85lbs and 27inches, completely solid.  Zero was named after the wonderful "ghost" dog in the movie A Nightmare Before Christmas, one of my favorites! He is our lover dog! He is the quiet observer. Never quick to react, but always aware. He doesn't even rush to eat his food, takes his time. He is most content laying outside, but does have to follow me around the house.  Luckily he is not a whiner like Gane, but he does yawn loud and have very active dreams.  He also is very mellow, loves dogs and people. I have found that Zero loves to lure course, just like his dad. We will follow that path, as the conformation ring was not to be and that is just fine.  

Zero has started a new adventure and is now living the spoiled life with my brother. I had him neutered, as he is not a show or breeding dog. Didn't change him a bit : ) He's still mellow as can be and gets to spend lots of time in the mountains with my brother. What a life!