Dew claw day 

Rough day. Poor Sparta watching as her babies were taken away, one at a time was so sad. She just shook & shook. They took green girl first for her dermoid removal. She was put under & did very well. I got to see the dermoid & meant to take a picture but didn't think of it in time. It was succesfully all removed & hopefully she will heal fast as can be! All the pups have a stitch in each foot where the dew claw was removed. They don't seem to be bothered.  A lucky factor of doing them so young.

Sparta is not in the mood to eat, so that's a stressor. She has agreed to eat cottage cheese, sting cheese(with her pain pills inside) ice cream & drink goats milk w/pedilyte. I hope her appetite comes back soon. Gotta keep her milk flowing for the puppies.


Day 2 

Today seemed a bit harder for Sparta with her babies. She was more nervous & agitated. When we did the weights today, along with a few collar changes, she hit her limit. Did not enjoy her babes been out of the box! I had to get in the box with her & hold every baby while she cleaned them. I'm pretty sure she counted to make sure all were accounted for  On the brighter side, all the pups are gaining weight, which is wonderful.

Puppy stats 

We have 7 girls & 3 boys. 9 of the 10 crowns look correct at this point. No kinked tails. No cleft palates. The black boy has one crown on his ridge. We also have one dermoid. The girl with the dark green ribbon is going to get that removed on Thursday. Prayers for her that it goes very, very well. Normally, these are removed at around 4-8 weeks. We are trying it very young. We are hoping it will heal nicely as there is no rough housing yet, so the area can be left alone for the most part. Her ridge is just amazing but the dermoid, even removed makes her a pet only. The same repro. vet that did Sparta's c-section & brought back all of Gane's sperm after the rattlesnake bite will be doing the surgery, along with all the dew claw removal. The dew claw removal is performed with a pain medication so they will not hurt & she also stitches the area to prevent any scaring. 

They have all gained weight, except for the two littlest girls. They lost a tiny bit. The smallest, with the dark blue ribbon is a fighter though. She gets that milk! The yellow & orange boys are the biggest, along with the dark pink girl. I'm amazed at how they just plow through all the pups like it's water. Must be Gane's children 

Last, I'm debating on a theme for them. Any suggestions?

1st day 

Wow, what an adventure! Sparta is just so good. Lack of sleep made me a zombie by this morning but my wonderful husband stayed home to help while I slept. I got about 3 hours before Sparta decided that was enough, left her babies & hid under the bed. I will stick to sleeping in the cot so as not to worry her. She has been eating great, right along with those puppies! The cleaning is another story. Keeping the blankets clean for more than 10 min. just isn't happening. I'm trying though! 

The help has been great too. My dad came by this morning with coffee for me & brought us lunch too. My brother made us a huge delicious berry salad, which I could eat forever. Laundry is being done & all is going pretty well so far 

We have puppies! 

Beautiful Sparta gave birth to 10 lovely puppies this morning. All ridged & we have 7 girls & 3 boys! Poor girl had to have a c-section this morning as her labor was not progressing. Turned out she had primary uterine inertia, meaning she was in labor but not contracting to get those pups out. She will need to have only c-sections in the future but I am so thankful to know ahead of time. 

Mary Lynne has been wonderful & went with me to see the repro. vet, Dr.Steyn in Fort Collins. It's about an 1.5 hr drive & the best move I could of made. She & her staff were amazing! They tried giving Sparta Oxytocin, glucose & calcium first before doing surgery.  Best to have a natural if she could but those contractions just didn't happen. After hearing she needed a c-section, I got a bit teary but knew it had to be done. Puppies heart rates were dropping & they needed out! The entire surgery was done in 24 min! Amazing. The puppies had been cleaned, weighed, umbilical cords done & color collars given. They even dremmeled Sparta's nails nice &! Sparta came around nicely & once home has been taking care of her babies like a true pro. 

Sparta is enjoying her Haagen Dasz ice cream & cottage cheese. She can have whatever she wants as she deserves it! Gane has been checking in on Sparta & the puppies. Good daddy : )

Well, I'm off to hang with puppies. I have a cot set up next to the whelping box. That sounded better than the floor. Yay, the puppies are here!!! 

Yep, still hanging out 

She's been a bit more mopey today but so far not any big changes. She vomited last night & spent time pacing until around 5am. Mary Lynne is here to help & has been since last night. Very, very grateful she is here!  The rain has stopped for the time being & the weather is chilly. Sparta has had a walk & is now resting....again!

Maybe by tomorrow? 

Sparta's temp has dropped & that is a good sign! Now we really watch & wait. Gane's 7th birthday is tomorrow. Wouldn't it be cool to have a these pups born the same day as their amazing dad!   

Still waiting : ) 

Sparta is just not ready to have her puppies yet! Temp is staying the same, no nesting or panting. Those puppies are sure moving like crazy though

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