Almost 6 weeks already! 

Wow, I can't believe how times flies! These puppies are still the most amazing little creatures & I continue to be awe struck by them every moment. They are true puppies now from playing with their toys to attacking any human body part! They drink their water like pros as well.

Sparta has decided that she doesn't need ten puppies hanging on her so she corrects them & doesn't let them nurse but a second. I am going to cut her food back & get her back eating her Fromms & Honest Kitchen. No more puppy food for her but the puppies sure love the food. Right now, they are eating 12 cups a day, split between 3 meals. I will increase that by a little each day, along with making it harder each meal so they are used to hard kibble come 8 weeks. I also need to break out my other feeding dish as one isn't big enough. The thought of splitting them into two groups sounds hard but it's gotta be done!

Our outside trips have been getting ruined by the rain   Three times now we have taken all ten out to the outside pen, only to have the rain start, which means rushing them back inside. Guess we are getting our exercise though. Maybe this weekend will be kind to us!  

Water bill.... 

has tripled! Yikes. That is a lot of constant laundry   All puppies are gaining weight nicely. The biggest is still Kadin(blue collar) at 9.5 lbs!! My smallest is light pink at 6.5 lbs. She's such a doll   

Expanded living 

We made the puppies living space bigger today & they love it! They have three different areas to play, one of which I'd love for them to use as a potty area. They sure needed more room to spread out as they are getting rowdy & big! They also got their first trip outside. It was way too hot to stay out for more than a minute but they enjoyed themselves. The dark & light pinks girls pooped out there, so they are on the top of my list right now    

Sparta is still nursing them several times a day, way to go Sparta! She is eating like a real dog too..woohoo! They are also getting their puppy mush 3-4 times a day. Water is available & they will sometimes drink it. They spill it more than drink it for now

A new day 

Pups are all doing wonderful & acting like their normal littles selves, thank goodness! Kadin, blue boy did have some vomiting at around 3:30am so I took him to the ER. He was given more fluids & we got home around 6am. He is back to acting just like the rest of the bunch. Sparta is such a good mom, still nursing them all. They all seem to enjoy getting their puppy food mush too. All I can say is how relieved I am to have my pups safe at home! They do all have lovely black poops but I'll take it     I also get my window repaired tomorrow morning. It's a start.    

Emergency vet trip 

First let me say my puppies are looking & acting great right now. I would love for everyone to think good thoughts & say prayers for them to continue to do well after todays scare. My vet is on-call for me tonight & told me what symptoms to watch for through out the night. This would be excessive vomiting or muscle tremors. I hate to admit this, feel awful beyond words & spent the evening crying more than I have since Gane's rattle snake bite but I overdosed my babies with the wormer medication. I accidentally used the wrong size syringe to administer the dose. I did not realize this until I went to give Sparta her dose, after all the pups were already done. My heart sunk. I spoke with my vet, who spoke with poison control & these babes needed to be rushed in asap. Once there, they were taken right back & the regime started of inducing vomiting, using charcoal for absorbtion, & giving IV fluids. We were there for three plus hours. The staff was truly wonderful with these angels. In the middle of this horrible ordeal, my car that was parked in front of the vet's busy office was broken into. I saw the loser hanging around the area but figured he was there for a pet. He used a very large landscaping brick to break the passenger window & stole my mother's purse. She lost everything from her blackberrry, credit cards & more. Glass was everywhere & inside damage was done. I'll call my insurance tomorrow to get things fixed. As the cops were taking the report, my dad took all the pups back to my house in his car. Well, his car broke down on the way! He had to call Wade to come get them. This has been one the the worst days I've had in a long, long time  

More info on dermoids 

Lee-Anne wrote up a wonderful post about her boys dermoid surgery, so I thought I would link to it. We used the same vet. She took pics, which I meant to do. She doesn't mind me borrowing : ) Click here

Puppy food party! 

The little ones slid through their first experience with mushy food! It was very entertaining I must say  I let them try some water today. Poor pups had no clue what to do with that. Lots of noses being dunked under water, which made them grunt & shake their heads. So much fun! Laundry on the other hand is not. These puppies are peeing machines. Sparta doesn't spend much time in that box. She'll stand & the pups try their hardest to reach her to nurse. They have sharp teeth now & love to chew on each other, fingers, hands, whatever they can. We are going to do some remodeling this weekend to extend their living area. Enough with just the box : ) Here are some pics of puppies eating here 

Another day at the vet 

Poor Sparta started showing all signs of a uti, urinary tract infection last night. She had the frequency, urgency & pain. We spent a very sleepless night together. I took a culture, along with Sparta in this morning & sure enough, it's anti-biotic time. They had to make sure to give her a medication that does not effect the puppies through her milk. Fingers crossed this helps her feel better asap as uti's hurt! The pups also got another medication for the mushy stools. Let's hope this one tasts better for them. Speaking of which, it is messy. When I came home from the vets today, a few had fell asleep in the not so friendly pile. I took these little ones & held them under the water faucet while washing them with the Dawn dish soap. They sat so still & didn't make a peep! I was very proud of these babes for getting their first bath without a fuss   

Sparta did start eating Innova puppy food mixed with Honest Kitchen...yay! Maybe I can feed her a normal diet. I'm knocking on wood here.  

They continue to grow in leaps & bounds.  All have lots of pokey teeth & are not happy to have their nails clipped. They do love to come as fast as they can when we come near the box. Such cuties! They love to lick you on the face, hands & toes. 

On a very sad note, our dear friend Lee-Anne & her family lost their little tiny pup named Batman today. He must of been needed for his angel wings sooner than expected.  God speed little one

Found the missing crown! 

Turns out our little black boy, who I thought had only one crown/whorl decided to bring the other out of hiding! They both line up, which gives him a perfect ridge. That makes for 10 out of 10 which ain't too shabby  

Sparta's ear is getting better AND she ate some real dog food (Honest Kitchen) as well. Things are looking up for Sparta Mae...and me too!

We are becoming big puppies! 

These puppies are just growing in leaps & bounds! They all have teeth that are coming in, ouch for momma. They are starting to play with each other. Growling, little barks, chewing on ears & of course walking. They can now pee without the help of Sparta & we have LOTS of that. The stools are getting better today & that is a huge relief for me. They still hate their medicine, even though I tried mixing it with yogurt. They can't be fooled   They also respond to voices. I talked to them tonight & they make eye contact along with licking fingers. Such pure joy these sweeties are.

Sparta is spending less time in the box, but if she hears a cry, she is there in a second! Can't say I blame her for wanting out & I try to keep their bedding clean so she is more comfy & not laying in wet blankets. To add to the fun, sweet Sparta has a raging ear infection. Back we go in the morning to the vets. I was just at there yesterday for the pups diarrhea. Guess it will replace my daily Starbucks but they are just as costly 


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